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Good Food Education & Training

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(February 2016 to December 2016)



The Transition Team was a group of volunteer Founding Members of NAFSN who volunteered to lead NAFSN during its transition from an informal group to a more formally organized network. 



•  Keith Schildt, Chair, Public Administration, University of La Verne, California


•  Cheryl Danley, MSU Extension, Kellogg Fellow, Michigan


•  Elissa Johnson, Food Studies, Syracuse University, New York


•  Becca Ligrani, Hunger Free America, New York


•  Bakari McClendon, local food consultant, Florida


•  Phil Loring, Anthropology, University of Saskatchewan, Canada


•  Duncan Hilchey, Lyson Center for Agriculture, New York


•  Amy Christian, Lyson Center for Agriculture, New York


•  Chris Burton


•  Laura Ridenour, LMR consulting, Washington


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