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NAFSN's TRANSITION TEAM (February, 2016 to December, 2016)


The Transition Team was a group of volunteer Founding Members of NAFSN who volunteered to lead NAFSN during its transition from an informal group to a more formally organized network. 


       Keith Schildt, Chair, Public Administration, University of La Verne
       Cheryl Danley, MSU Extension, Kellogg Fellow
       Elissa Johnson, Food Studies, Syracuse University
       Becca Ligrani, Hunger Free America, New York
       Bakari McClendon, local food consultant, Florida
       Phil Loring Anthropology, University of Saskatchewan
       Duncan Hilchey, Lyson Center for Civic Ag.
       Amy Christian, Lyson Center for Civic Ag.
       Chris Bouton,
       Laura Ridnour, 

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