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Good Food Education & Training

The purpose of this study was to examine the factors contributing to employee resignation among Cooperative Extension Agents in Georgia. This study sought insight into why Extension Agents resign and what factors lead to job dissatisfaction. Specifically, this study utilized interview data from former Extension Agents who willfully left the organization and currently employed Extension Agents in order to compare actual and perceived factors leading to employee resignation, job satisfaction, and job dissatisfaction. This study also sought recommendations from both former and current Agents as to how Cooperative Extension might increase employee retention among Agents.


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This is a list of professional organizations, societies and communities of practice.


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Community, Local and Regional Food Systems (CLRFS)

The overarching goal of the CLRFS eCoP is to provide resource materials, training opportunities, and collegial interaction for Extension educators, community-based practitioners, and individuals involved in work related to building equitable, health-promoting, resilient, and economically balanced food systems.


Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society (AFHVS)

Founded in 1987, AFHVS promotes interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the broad areas of agriculture and rural studies. Growing out of W. K. Kellogg Foundation–supported projects to promote interaction between liberal arts and agricultural disciplines, AFHVS provides a continuing link among scholars working in cross-disciplinary studies of food and agriculture. From a base of philosophers, sociologists, and anthropologists, AFHVS has grown to include scientists, scholars, and practitioners in areas ranging from agricultural production and social science to nutrition policy and the humanities.


AFHVS provides a forum for examining the values that underlie various visions of food and agricultural systems, and it offers members the opportunity to meet and discuss programs and research ideas of common interest. AFHVS encourages participation by the growing community of researchers and professionals exploring alternative visions of the food system, including regional food policies, community supported agriculture, and issues of local and global food security.


Sustainable Agriculture Education Association (SAEA)

Any person who is interested in the mission and goals of the Association may become a member upon application and payment of dues. Your membership supports us as we put on great Conferences, update our Academic Program and Student Farm Listings, and build a sustainable agriculture Teaching Resource Library.


National Farm to School Network (NFSN)

The National Farm to School Network (NFSN) is an information, advocacy and networking hub for communities working to bring local food sourcing and food and agriculture education into school systems and preschools.


Rural Coalition (RC)

The Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural is an alliance of farmers, farmworkers, indigenous, migrant, and working people from the United States, Mexico, Canada, and beyond working together toward a new society that values unity, hope, people, and land.


Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA)

The Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) is a not-for-profit association serving the professional interests of members working in agricultural and broadly related fields of applied economics. Members of the AAEA are employed by academic or government institutions, as well as in industry and not-for-profit organizations, and engage in a variety of teaching, research, and extension and outreach activities. Their work addresses a broad range of topics such as the economics of agriculture, international and rural development, resources and the environment, food and consumer issues, and agribusiness.


American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE)

The AAAE serves as an advocate for improvement of teaching and learning in agriculture. It provides a forum to address issues in agricultural education, and provides an approach to identifying, prioritizing, and organizing research in teaching and learning. It also provides opportunities for individual and organizational growth, development, and renewal, and opportunities to communicate the results of research and other scholarly activities. It provides opportunities for collaboration within and outside of agricultural education. Finally, it provides for recruiting, inducting, and mentoring people into the profession.


North American Farmers Direct Market Association (NAFDMA)

NAFDMA is a 501(c)6 trade association dedicated to nurturing the farm direct-marketing industry. Members are farmers, farmers’ market managers, extension agents, industry suppliers, government officials, and others who are part of the thriving farm direct-marketing industry in North America. Members are involved with agritourism, on-farm retail, farmers’ markets, pick your own, consumer-supported agriculture, and direct delivery. They grow nursery and greenhouse crops, fruits, vegetables, Christmas trees. They raise livestock. They make maple syrup and wine, pickles and cheese. They sell at farmers’ markets or on the farm. Some have created the foundation for an incredible farm visit, lasting memories, and traditions. The growing number of international members are represented on the board of directors by an at-large director.


Farmers Market Coalition (FMC)

The Farmers Market Coalition serves a rapidly growing industry with information and representation at state and federal levels. The FMC helps to build networks, link  peers, and connect farmers' markets old and new with tools and resources for success.


Association for International Agriculture and Extension Education (AIAEE)

In today's complex and interdependent world, agricultural development must be seen in the broader context of holistic development. Agricultural educators and extensionists worldwide must form partnerships with others. AIAEE provides a forum for professional networks, dialogue, and learning.


Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS)

The ASFS was founded in 1985 with the goals of promoting the interdisciplinary study of food and society. It has continued that mission by holding annual meetings; the first was in 1987 and since 1992, the meetings have been held jointly with the Agriculture, Food & Human Values (www.afhvs.org). The organization produces the quarterly journal Food, Culture & Society. The organization honors 5 outstanding scholars with annual awards, including the ASFS Book Award, Belaso Prize for Scholarly Excellence, ASFS Award for Food Studies Pedagogy, Alex McIntosh Graduate Prize, and the Bill Whit Undergraduate Prize.


American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC)

Founded in 1963, ASAC continues to be a premier organization for agricultural consultants worldwide. It is a nonprofit organization oriented around raising the standards and image of professional agricultural consultants. ASAC members have expertise in many agricultural disciplines, including agricultural food and animal production, farm management, biotechnology, farm management, finance, GPS/GIS systems, environment, sustainability, irrigation and many more.


Rural Sociological Society (RSA)

The RSS is a professional social science association that promotes the generation, application, and dissemination of sociological knowledge. The Society seeks to enhance the quality of rural life, communities, and the environment.


International Rural Sociology Association (IRSA)

The objectives of the Association are to foster the development of rural sociology, further the application of sociological inquiry to the improvement of the quality of rural life, and provide a mechanism whereby rural sociologists can generate dialogue and useful exchange.

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