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NAFSN is fostering a community of professional practice and supports the work of any individuals, agencies, and organizations that focus on agriculture and food issues in a community development context — from farmland protection or beginning farmer programs, to value-chain development, urban agriculture, food security and public education.



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TRANSITION TEAM (sunsetted in 2016)


STEERING COMMITTEE (sunsetted in 2016)


WORKING GROUP (sunsetted in 2015)






The following tools and resources focus on the latest innovations in collaborative marketing. Collaborative marketing strategies include those in which small and medium sized farmers archive as a group what is difficult to achieve as individuals.



Buy-Local Programs


• Eat Well Guide - Search over 25,000 hand-picked restaurants, farms, markets, and other sources of local, sustainable food.

• How To Start A BFBL Chapter (FoodRoutes Network)

• Is it better to buy local or organic food? (HowStuffWorks)

• Is Local Food Better? (Worldwatch Institute)





• Farm to Hospital (IATP)

• Farm to Institution Initiatives (USDA)

• FoodHub Farm to Hospital





• Evaluating the Effectiveness of Prison Farm Programs (The Corrections Connection)

• Six U.S. Correctional Facilities With 'Farm to Prison' Local Food Sourcing Programs (Seedstock)





National Farm to School Network

• New England Farm & Sea to Campus Network

• USDA's Farm to School Program



Farmers’ Markets


• Farmers Market 2.0 - Next-Generation Market Models For Farmers & Market Managers 



Food Hubs


• Food Hub Center (National Good Food Network)

• Food Hubs Could Be Revolutionary -- But They're Not as Simple as They Seem (Huffington Post)

• Regional Food Hub Resource Guide (USDA)

• Retail Strategies - Food Hubs (Healthy Food Access Portal)




Local Food Networks, Food Webs, and Food Circles


• Acadiana Food Circle

• Arkansas Local Food Network

• Island Food Circle Guide

• Kansas City Food Circle

• Mapping Local Food Webs Toolkit

• Northeast Ohio Food Web

• Sitka Local Foods Network

• Wisconsin Local Food Network



Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships


• Legal Structure of the Farm Business (University of Vermont)

• Limited Liability Company: A Farm Business Arrangement Alternative (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

• Starting, Organizing, and Managing an LLC for a Farm Business (Ohio State University)

• Using a Limited Liability Company to Operate a Pennsylvania Family Farm Business (National Agricultural Law Center)



Mobile Farmers' Markets


• Better Health for Food Deserts: Are Mobile Farmers Markets the Answer?



Multi-Farm CSAs


• Is a Multi-Farm CSA the Future for Small Farms?

 Local Harvest - A Multifarm CSA Handbook



New Generation Cooperatives


• Do New Generation Cooperatives Make A Difference? (University of North Dakota)

• New Generation Cooperatives and Cooperative Theory (The National Agricultural Law Center)

• Processor driven integration of small-scale farmers into value chains in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (FAO)

• Success Factors for New Generation Cooperatives (IFAMA)

• Success Factors for Value-Added New Generation Cooperatives (Selected Paper prepared for Southern Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting)



Produce Auctions


Chesterhill Produce Auction: How a Fruit and Vegetable Auction in Rural Ohio Helps Appalachian Farmers Thrive

• Loveville Produce Auction 

• Shenandoah Valley Produce Auction



Producer Cooperatives


• Grower's Manual: A Template for Grower Cooperatives (Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture)

• Small-Scale Grower Cooperatives in the Northeast United States (USDA)












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