Voices from the Grassroots: An Online Quarterly

A platform for North American grassroots organizers and organizations in the good food movement to share their work—both triumph and failure.

Crop Is Ready

Crop is ready, let's rejoice. Combine, scythe, sickle, scissors: What's the harvest tool of choice?Turbine, clippers, pumpernickel?Dactyl rhythm, beats them all,Double couplets large and small,Leaving shells to decompose,Permaculture loves its nose. About the Author: Jerry Henkin Librarian, Northern Nut Growers Association President, New York


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Pear Tree

Somewhere in Harlem a pear tree grows its roots are old its roots are bare for our garden folk that's no reason to despair life like those roots may appear austere but that tree keeps growing in answer to prayers for life anew little Jamie's fallen down can't pick him up again Suzie wants a new dress what can we do without next? back in the garden


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