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TRANSITION TEAM (sunsetted in 2016)


STEERING COMMITTEE (sunsetted in 2016)


WORKING GROUP (sunsetted in 2015)



Agriculture and food system development is about working with people, and it requires strong writing, public speaking, and interpersonal communication skills. Below are some useful websites with tips on improving this skill set.


Communication Skills, Vocational Information Center

This website has advice and examples for every conceivable form of communication.


Communication Skills: Making Oral Presentations

Newcastle University, School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials


Opinionated Principles for Scientific Writing

Jody Culham, University of Western Ontario
Last update: Jan. 8, 2008


Ten Ways to Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are invaluable at work. How your coworkers see you can have a big impact on your career long term, as well as on your day-to-day life.

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