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Job Detail: Executive Director

2020 Executive Director Job Posting

March 1, 2020

Application Deadline: April 15, 2020

30 hours per week; remuneration: $20-$27/hour based on experience

Overall Duties

Board Work

Advise the board. Formulate policies and planning recommendations to the board. Make recommendations for and support during orientation and self-evaluation. Help board solicit new board members. Facilitate the functioning of standing and other board committees. Participate in all committees at some level. Prepare documents for each board meeting in consultation with president and vice president. Support evaluation of the Executive Director.

The Board of Directors holds overall responsibility for the governance of the organization.

The goal of this work is to:

  • accomplish all the legal responsibilities of the organization
  • maximize the opportunity for board members to meaningfully participate and use their talents for the benefit of the organization
  • facilitate and monitor the process of governance in a way that creates space for staff to do their jobs unencumbered while maximally supported

The active components/committees of the board are as follows:

Executive Committee –Tasked with the responsibility of making decisions between board meetings as necessary. This committee meets as needed between regularly scheduled board meetings.

Personnel Committee –This committee meets several times per year to discuss and suggest amendments to the Personnel Policy, staff evaluation process and materials, staff benefits, legal compliance and any other staff concerns. Additionally, it oversees review of each staff member annually.

Strategic Planning Committee– Maintains an up to date strategic plan and plans the 2 annual board and staff retreats.

Development Committee - The role of this Committee is to brainstorm, manage and monitor development activities for the organization including grants, marketing, appeals, major donor solicitation, board and staff giving, fundraising events, membership development and bequests. Presently the Executive Director takes major responsibility for raising the approximately $150,000 annually from individual donors.

Finance Committee –The role of this committee is to monitor the organization’s financial health, to oversee the audit process, to make recommendations on financial reserves, and propose a budget to the Board of Directors each year. This budget is first organized by the Executive and Administrative Directors.

Board Development Committee–. Its job is to keep a full slate of board members (11), and to review all board members once per year.

Interstate Council – The NOFA Interstate Council is comprised of the Executive Director of each NOFA chapter (MA, CT, NH, NY, NJ, RI,VT), one voting member, and one alternate from each chapter.

Policy Committee– The Policy Director manages all the work of this committee which includes several board members and NOFA/Mass members. The Executive Director works closely with the Policy Director to discuss organizational policy and initiatives. 

Education Committee– Work with the Education Director, Education Committee Chair and members to oversee and evaluate the current educational programming and suggest new programming to board as appropriate.

Equity and Inclusion Committee – Work with Equity Director and members of this committee to support  NOFA/Mass’ progress on involving urban growers, people of color, immigrants, and underserved communities and individuals in the organic agriculture world.

Communications Committee – Work with Communications Director and committee to continually improve outreach and functionality of all audience facing materials and communications.

Staff Work

  • Oversee the hiring, evaluation, and firing of staff for NOFA/Mass with the assistance of the Department Directors which include Administrative, Communications, Development, Equity, and Education.
  • In conjunction with the Department Directions oversee activities of NOFA/Mass employees and consultants, work with staff to create and actualize a work plan, budgets, plan strategies and troubleshoot problems.
  • Conduct 1 all day staff meeting.
  • Work with Department Directors to assist them in managing their department staff.
  • Convene monthly meetings of the Department Directors to keep information flowing, discuss organizational priorities, challenges, etc.
  • Call for and collate weekly staff reports and send them to the board and staff.
  • Over-riding goals for this aspect of the job are to
    • keep communication flowing
    • facilitate efficient and effective work to proceed
    • provide a workplace where all members feel invested and committed
    • provide a workplace where trust and mutual respect are held in high regard
    • address inconsiderate or potentially destructive behavior through the proper channels and with respect toward all involved
    • listen carefully and act appropriately – trying to ever-better listen first and reserve judgment appropriately, get feedback from others and not take the lead unnecessarily
    • hold self to a very high standard of personal conduct and self-correcting when necessary
    • quickly address (through appropriate channels) mediocre or less than effective work on the part of any staff member
    • be a person to whom all feel comfortable to come because of wisdom, savvy and a sense of fairness

Legal and Operational

Oversee the filing of timely 1099 and W2 reports with the IRS for compensation paid, preparation and filing of the organization's form 990 with the IRS, PC with state Attorney General, oversee the annual audit, monitor and maintain our standing as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization and a non-profit Massachusetts corporation. Maintain appropriate organizational insurance.

Program Development

With important investment and involvement of the Education Director, be the central visionary for new program development and guiding of program redevelopment and abandonment when appropriate. This is not a time sensitive responsibility, but includes the necessity to have one's ear to the ground, and be open to new collaborations with other organizations. Clearly hold the mission of NOFA/Mass in mind when considering program development and also the careful balancing of the constituencies of farmers, gardeners, landscapers, homesteaders, consumers, and activists. Consider location issues, constituent diversity, age and experience issues, and household income.


Stay in touch with other NOFA chapters, similar organizations, and appropriate governmental organizations and keep our organization aware of innovative ideas or important work being done elsewhere. This work is supported by all members of the staff and board. Maintain a significant relationship with the NOFA Interstate Council. Many other organizations come through the ED portal and are quickly farmed out to appropriate staff for collaboration.


Oversee the explanation of the work of the organization on the phone and in correspondence to the press, through the website, public relations channels, podcasts, and outreach with and through other interested organizations. Maintain the organizational phone number and mailing address. Oversee the handling of the daily mail and phone calls to the organization in a timely fashion, either answering people's needs or referring them to the appropriate person. Maintain a NOFA/Mass phone number.Open all NOFA/Mass mail and share it with the appropriate staff members. The Administrative Director receives incoming emails at


Manage physical resources (office space, land, etc.) and oversee upkeep and purchase of organization's office equipment. 

Annual Retreats

Convene the strategic planning committee of staff  and board members to plan two annual organizational retreats per year.

Annual Meeting

Work with board and staff to plan the annual meeting to include election of board members, program review, dues revisions as appropriate, and other organizational activities.

Application procedure:

By April 15, 2020 send resume and three references to Laura Davis, NOFA/Mass Board of Directors President,

NOFA/Mass encourages candidates from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds to apply.

NOFA/Mass is an equal opportunity employer who does not discriminate in employment and contracting practices based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability.

Our Mission:
Through education and advocacy NOFA/Mass promotes organic agriculture to expand the production and availability of nutritious food from living soil for the health of individuals, communities and the planet.

Our Vision:
NOFA/Mass envisions a commonwealth of people working together to create healthy landscapes that feed our communities and restore our environment.


About the job

Location Barre, Massachusetts
Field Administrative
Time Full-time
Date 17 March 2020

About the company

Company name NOFA Mass
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