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Posted On: Sunday, 29th October 2017
Category: Administrative
Location: Portland, Oregon
Job Type:
Part Time

Job Description:


About Agzaar

Agzaar builds better supply chains for healthier farms. A large barrier to growing sustainably today is an inadequate supply chain for sustainable farm inputs as compared to what’s available for the uber efficient petro-chemical agricultural industry. We address this problem by selling inputs + tools and providing educational content to help farmers grow using more regenerative practices. If we succeed, our farmer stakeholders* will rebuild their soil health, grow more nutritious products, and have more successful businesses. It’s a win-win-win-win, etc. Agzaar currently serves customers around the continental United States. Visit our site to learn more.


About the Position

Agzaar aspires to cultivate a community of farmers + growers passionate about improving their practices to be more in sync with the health of people and the planet. Many of our stakeholders are active on social media channels, and we aim to meet them where they are. This role will manage and improve our current social media activities, initially on Instagram and subsequently Linkedin and other platforms. At its baseline, this role will involve regular content creation + posting, as well as monitoring our audiences channels to ensure they’re being supported in the best possible way.  This position reports to the CEO.



  • Collaborate with the Agzaar team to create a marketing campaign, relevant content, and an interactive media experience through social sites, all of which is aimed at building an active “tribe” of farmers and growers passionate about regenerative practices.
  • Curate articles, images and videos and create posts to engage audiences on our social media channels
  • Keep social audiences updated on our work to build a better regenerative agriculture supply chain.



  • Passion for changing agriculture, and/or interest in the burgeoning cannabis industry. \
  • Familiar with social media platforms; primarily Instagram but also Facebook, Twitter,, and Linkedin
  • Exceptional writer - creative, attention to detail in grammar, spelling, punctuation
  • Excellent time management skills - ability to multitask
  • Self-motivated- ability to take initiative when necessary
  • Good attitude - willingness to learn and take direction
  • Reliable - completes tasks by deadlines



This is a part time role, requiring an absolute minimum 5-10 hours per week, with tremendous upwards potential from there.


Agzaar is a boot-strapped start-up venture and as such cannot offer financial compensation at this time. We recognize your time is valuable so will take great efforts to ensure you are fairly rewarded for a job well done. At this time we’re able to offer you:

  • A small educational stipend (to help you get better at your functional responsibilities or to learn more about the industry Agzaar serves)
  • Access and introductions to many of the leading stakeholders in regenerative agriculture, the cannabis industry, investors in ag and cannabis, and others. Mi network es su network.
  • Direct exposure to our partner farmers + growers to help you take a deeper dive into those activities if of interest.
  • An extremely flexible, remote working environment (we will work around your schedule.)
  • Complete openness to financial compensation should that become a possibility as our business progresses.


To Apply

Please send a resumé, short cover letter, and answers to the following questions, to our CEO with the subject line “Social Media Associate”

  1. Please review our instagram profile (@agzaar-grows) and ID 3 ways we might improve our approach.
  2. Please share a mockup Instagram post you’d share through Agzaar. Don’t worry about dimensions, a photo + caption will suffice.
  3. Bonus: What’s one of your favorite growth hacking strategies when building a social following, or what have you implemented in the past that’s worked well?


We are accepting applications on a rolling basis, and request that you be willing to commit to at least a 4 month (~semester-long) engagement should you join the team.


Note: Many of Agzaar’s customers are legal cannabis growers given their ability to invest upfront in more sustainable production methods (due to relatively higher margins.) We are not a platform exclusively for cannabis growers but it is reasonable to expect that they are a sizable proportion of our stakeholders. We are enthusiastic about serving these customers just as we are enthusiastic about supporting anyone looking to grow plants in a more sustainable fashion. Let’s all work together!


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