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Human Resources Manager

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Posted On: Thursday, 7th June 2018
Category: Administrative
Location: Flemington, NJ
803 U.S. Highway 202 Flemington NJ 08853
Job Type:
Full Time

Job Description:


Profeta Farms is a 1200 acre multifaceted certified organic livestock and vegetable farm dedicated to changing the way food is produced and distributed. We aim to produce a wide range of high quality foods so that our customers may buy the majority of their food from a single local, organic, responsible source. In the spring of 2018, Profeta Farms is planning to open a new 25,000 square-foot grocery store with a strong focus on prepared foods.

Our Core Values

  • We believe in doing work that matters. We produce food that helps others achieve greater health and we aim to provide a great working environment with ample opportunities for growth and development. We could not be successful without our dedicated team. Through effective collaboration we can achieve our goals. We treat each other fairly, with dignity and respect, and believe that communication must be open and direct.
  • We grow our crops using regenerative farming practices, always bearing in mind that we are stewards of the land. This fully mineralized and biologically active foundation lends its health to the plants that grow in it, a trend that follows the food chain all the way up to the consumer. Our livestock are provided with the highest level of humane care available. They will be able to express their natural behaviors outdoors on pasture, without restriction. Their welfare is of utmost importance to us.
  • We utilize a blend of modern techniques matched with old world principles as a way of producing food efficiently, while adhering to sound farming practices. We also embrace and drive change in the marketplace. We strive to produce superior quality foods that are not only healthy but also taste and look great. We go above and beyond the organic standards in our efforts to meet this goal.
  • Being transparent to our community and ourselves is the only way to conduct business responsibly. We keep no secrets about how our operation is run, building a trusting relationship with our customers and team members. An informed community is crucial to our success. Wherever possible, we seek to enrich our customers’ knowledge of farming, health, and food.




The HR Manager will play a significant role in a quickly expanding organization with a long-standing history in the local and sustainable agriculture industry. With the addition of a large footprint retail store, a leader in employee development is a key to our success. Reporting directly to the COO, the HR manager will work closely with the CFO, Retail Director (GM), and Farm Operations Manager as well as other staff members to create and implement an effective human resources programs.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recruitment & Hiring
    • Recruit and interview new talent
    • Find innovative ways to recruit and retain new talent
    • Conduct new hire on-boarding and early engagement for all new employees
  • Leadership Support
    • Serve as an advisor for human resources issues to leadership
    • Provide training to the managers to ensure they understand and contribute to effective employee support and management
    • Partner with management to communicate Human Resources policies, procedures, programs, and laws.
  • Coach and train managers in their communication, feedback, recognition, and interaction responsibilities with the employees who report to them. Make certain that the managers know how to communicate with employees successfully, ethically, honestly, and legally.
  • Keeps the COO and the executive team informed of significant problems that jeopardize the achievement of company goals, and those that are not being addressed adequately at the management level.
  • Training
    • Coordinate all Human Resources training programs. Provide necessary education and materials to managers and employees including workshops, manuals, employee handbooks, and standardized reports.
    • Establish an in-house employee training system that addresses company training needs including training needs assessmentnew employee onboarding or orientationmanagement development, production cross-training, the measurement of training impact, and training transfers.
    • Assist with the development of and monitor the spending of the training budget. Maintain employee training records.
    • Develop and administer programs, procedures, and guidelines to help align the workforce with the strategic goals of the company.
  • Benefits & Payroll
    • Establish and monitor the company wage and salary structure, pay policies, and oversee the variable pay systems within the company including bonuses and raises.
    • With the assistance of the CFO, obtain cost-effective, employee-serving benefits.
    • Lead the development of benefit orientations and other benefits training for employees and their families.
    • Research and recommend changes in benefits offered, especially new benefits aimed at employee satisfaction and retention.
    • In collaboration with accounting department, advise employees on benefits and pay issues
    • Work with individual in charge of payroll regarding pay, absences, and time reporting matters
  • Employee Relations
    • Handle dissolving employee conflict
  • Determine and recommend employee relations practices necessary to establish a positive employer-employee relationship and promote a high level of employee morale and motivation.
  • Conduct periodic surveys to measure employee satisfaction and employee engagement.
    • Conduct investigations when employee complaints or concerns are brought forth.
    • Manage employee communication and feedback through such avenues as company meetings, suggestion programsemployee satisfaction surveys, newsletters, employee focus groups, & one-on-one meetings
  • General
    • Participate in executive, management, and company staff meetings
    • Implement and support policies and practices that are consistent with the philosophy of the company
    • Conduct human resource audits and risk assessments
  • Lead the implementation of company safety and health programs.
  • Manage a process of organizational planning that evaluates company structure, job design, and personnel forecasting throughout the company. Evaluate plans and changes to plans. Make recommendations to executive management.
  • Identify and monitor the organization's culture so that it supports the attainment of the company's goals and promotes employee satisfaction.
  • Manage the company-wide committees including the wellness, training, environmental health and safety, activity, and culture and communications committees.
  • Be a strategic partner in the development of the organization’s fiscal budgeting process.
  • Participate in executive, management, and company staff meetings
  • Maintain accurate files for all employees.
  • Track employee vacation and sick time, reporting time off accurately to payroll.


Qualifications and Experience

  • Affinity for local food and sustainable agriculture; a match for our values
  • Knowledge and experience in employment law, compensation, organizational planning, recruitment, organization development, employee relations, safety, employee engagement, and employee development.
  • Outstanding interpersonal relationship building and employee coaching skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and develop HR department staff members.
  • Demonstrated ability to serve as a knowledgeable resource to the executive management team that provides overall company leadership and direction.
  • Experience in the administration of benefits and compensation programs and other Human Resources recognition and engagement programs and processes.


Compensation:  Based on experience. Competitive base salary plus upside based on financial performance of market and successful utilization of Profeta Farms products. Benefits include PTO, medical insurance, life insurance, and a stipend of food from the farm.


To Apply:

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The duties, elements, responsibilities, skills, functions, experience, requirements, and conditions listed in this job description are representative only, and are not inclusive of all tasks an employee may be required to perform. The employer reserves the right to revise this job description at any time, and require employees to perform other tasks as circumstances or conditions of the business, competition, or work environment change.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, member or activity in local commission, the presence of disabilities, sexual orientation, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.



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