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Posted On: Friday, 28th September 2018
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Location: Remote
Job Type:
Part Time

Job Description:

About Biodynamic Association:

The Biodynamic Association (BDA) is a participatory, membership-based nonprofit organization that works to nurture the North American biodynamic movement as a diverse, collaborative, and thriving ecosystem. We help thousands of people understand and practice biodynamics, bringing health to the land and vitality to the food system, and build bridges and partnerships to deepen and evolve the movement toward regenerative agriculture and social justice.

The BDA strives to embody biodynamic principles in how we operate as an organization, and we have an agile, living approach to organizing our work. Drawing inspiration from Reinventing Organizations and Holacracy, our organization is structured into self-managing circles made up of a number of roles focused on different needs of the organization. Most people on BDA staff fill multiple roles, and the structure of circles and roles evolves to meet the changing needs and opportunities that the BDA encounters and the developing interests and capacities of staff.


The Biodynamics Journal:

The Biodynamics journal is a quarterly publication and is a benefit of membership in the BDA. In publication since 1941, the journal has a long history as one of the preeminent publications on biodynamic farming and gardening in the world. Through this publication, the BDA shares original feature articles, research results, and updates from our members, the biodynamic community, and the broader food and agriculture movements. The journal is available online through for all members and in print for Seed Sower, Compost Maker, Land Steward, Earth Champion, and Lifetime members.

View a sample issue online at


Journal Editor Position Summary:

Purpose of role: To provide educational, practical, and inspiring articles and updates that reflect the principles of biodynamics, the current biodynamic community, and the mission and work of the BDA.



  • Publishing four issues of the Biodynamics journal each year on a quarterly basis
  • Maintaining, cultivating, and finding new sources for content and authors, in collaboration with BDA Promoter, Community Connector, and Advising Editor(s)
  • Creating and tracking editorial tasks, in collaboration with Journal Coordinator, including (as needed) assigning, updating, and communicating about editorial tasks and deadlines in Asana to ensure editorial schedule is understood by relevant roles
  • Contributing to the cohesive relationship between the journal and the BDA's mission, programs, and organizational goals
  • Developing and implementing issue theme, focus, and/or content, in consultation with Advising Editor and Reviewing Editor
  • Conducting or delegating substantive and copy editing
  • Updating editorial portion of style guide as questions arise
  • Communicating regularly with BDA team members to share editorial calendar, deadlines, and themes/topics and make suggestions on potential advertisers based on content and topics, as developed, in collaboration with Journal Coordinator
  • Coordinating and communicating with outside contractors or vendors such as the graphic designer, printer, etc, in collaboration with Journal Coordinator
  • Drafting a message to members announcing each new journal issue
  • Participating in strategic discussions with advisors and/or staff on content, authors, balance, tone, and themes or focus areas, for both particular journal issues and the journal as a whole
  • Choosing one author per issue for a member conversation salon, creating questions for the author, and facilitating that session on a quarterly basis, in collaboration with Member Services


In addition to the Journal Editor position, the editorial structure currently consists of the following roles, which support and/or advise the Journal Editor:

  • Advising Editor(s): Provides guidance and advice on quarterly journal issues and overall strategic direction, including content, authors, balance, tone, and themes or focus areas.
  • Copy Editor(s): Assists Journal Editor with maintaining exceptional standards for grammar, style, and design.
  • Journal Coordinator: Assists Journal Editor with project management and coordination of editorial activities, including maintaining a cohesive relationship between the journal and BDA staff, mission, programs, and organizational goals, and assisting with creating and tracking of editorial tasks.
  • Reviewing Editor(s): Provides BDA leadership input into content of journal, including content balance, prioritization, tone, and messaging and the incorporation of BDA voice.


All journal roles are part of the Communications Circle.


We plan to work with the new Journal Editor to further refine the division of journal roles and the editorial structure over time. The Journal Editor will also be involved as we continue to evolve the focus and direction of the journal in tandem with the ongoing evolution of the BDA and the communities we serve.



Strong candidates for the Journal Editor role will demonstrate:

  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Experience with substantive editing, proofreading, copy editing, and citation formatting
  • Strong capacity for project management and task prioritization, including working with contributions from multiple individuals; on teams with other staff or outside advisors; and on multiple projects with overlapping timelines
  • Enthusiasm for biodynamic and regenerative agriculture, and openness to discussing and exploring the spiritual dimensions of biodynamics
  • Commitment to social justice, actively working to include a diversity of author voices, and curating content that is welcoming and inclusive
  • A high level of organization and attention to detail
  • A creative and open-minded approach to problem-solving
  • Comfort with technological tools such as the Google suite, online project management software such as Asana, and an interest in learning and applying new technologies
  • Facilitation experience, or a willingness to learn
  • Ability to proactively communicate and ask questions
  • Willingness to give, receive, and act on honest feedback
  • Warmth, kindness, and a sense of humor and fun


Additional helpful qualifications include:

  • Prior experience with print or online journal, magazine, newsletter, or book publishing
  • Prior experience working with outside designers and printing companies
  • Knowledge of, training in, or work with biodynamics
  • Awareness and understanding of the broader regenerative food and agriculture landscape, including key organizations, hot-button issues, and potential opportunities and challenges
  • Familiarity with layout and design software such as InDesign, Illustrator, or PhotoShop
  • Familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style, or similar style guide

It is also essential that you are inspired by and drawn to our organizational mission. We seek candidates with the capacity and enthusiasm to function well within our organizational structure, which offers a great deal of flexibility and freedom while requiring a high level of motivation, communication, transparency, and accountability.


Time Commitment and Location:

The Journal Editor will begin as a part-time, hourly employee, working an average of approximately 10 hours per week, with potential for increased hours and additional roles, if desired, in the future. Start date is flexible, between November 2018 and January 2019. We strive to create a dynamic, supportive, and flexible organization that allows each employee to realize their creative potential in their work.

BDA employees are responsible for setting their own work schedules in coordination with other roles they collaborate with, and communicating their schedules clearly to the rest of the team.

The BDA is a geographically-distributed, North American organization. All of our staff currently work primarily from home. We have an administrative office in East Troy, Wisconsin. Staff are in daily communication through online project management software, email, phone, and video meetings.

Occasional travel for meetings and events is possible but not required, although attendance at the North American Biodynamic Conference is strongly recommended for networking and understanding the biodynamic community. The 2018 conference will take place November 14-18 in Portland, OR. Travel costs are covered by the BDA.


Compensation and Benefits:

The BDA strives to offer living wages to all employees. The starting pay for this role will be between $13-20 per hour, dependent on the experience, skills, cost of living, and other factors brought forth by the selected candidate. Ongoing compensation will be determined through the BDA's annual collaborative budgeting process, which takes into consideration the needs and gifts of each employee and the organization as a whole. Benefits include four weeks paid time off, eleven paid holidays per year, and the option to participate in a retirement savings plan.


To Apply:

Please send an email to with the following format:

Subject line: Journal Editor - [Your full name], [City, State]

Within the body of your email, include a brief personal statement addressing:

  1. Why you are interested in working with the Biodynamic Association
  2. How your skills, interests, and experience intersect with the responsibilities and qualifications of this role
  3. Your time availability, including hours per week, any fixed constraints on your work schedule, and when you would be available to begin work
  4. Your compensation needs within the range offered for this position
  5. Your desired work location
  6. Anything else you want us to know about you


Please also attach:

  1. Your current resume as a PDF with the file name: [Your Full Name] Resume
  2. PDFs or links to two writing samples
  3. PDFs or links to any other writing or publication examples you would like to share
  4. Three professional references with contact information


Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis beginning Wednesday, October 10. Email with any questions. No phone calls, please.


The Biodynamic Association is an equal opportunity employer, and we are committed to building greater equity and inclusion within BDA membership, Board of Directors, and staff.  People of color, people of all ethnic backgrounds and religious affiliations, people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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