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Artisanal Bakery Team Member

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Posted On: Monday, 1st October 2018
Category: Other
Location: Milford, New Jersey
369 Stamets Rd, Milford, New Jersey 08848

Job Description:

About Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse:

Good, wholesome, nutritious food is a passion for us, and creating good food in a sustainable manner, while healing the Earth, is our life mission.


The Bobolink is a ground-nesting bird that relies on undisturbed grasslands for its reproduction. As such, they are compatible with pastured animals, but cannot tolerate tilled cropland. Once as common as the robin, they are now severely limited across their entire range. By naming our business for this creature, we hope to increase public awareness about how important it is for agriculture to respect and nurture wildlife.
Our Bakehouse creates breads and pastries that are made with heritage and heirloom grains, risen slowly for maximum flavor and nutrition.  We are grateful to artisan grain growers, who provide us with top quality raw materials to bake in our wood-fired oven!
Position Summary:
The job will include shifts in our bakery, which bakes 1,000+ loaves per week in a single chambered wood-fired oven, based on an Alan Scott design. Our grains are sourced from mills within the northeast, and the focus is on using the most nutritious and flavorful raw ingredients available. A few of the baked goods are made exclusively from heirloom grains, and the methods are based on long, slow fermentation. The job includes mixing, forming, loading oven, prep work, oven firing and management.

The job also includes shifts in our retail store, and at regional farmers’ markets. The job includes, but is not limited to: driving to market, selling during market hours (inherently hectic), handling cash and credit card transactions, closing down the booth, returning to the farm, and resetting the van.


Position Responsibilities:

We are seeking a mature, detail-oriented, and responsible individual to join our team.

We value long-term employees, and are seeking a career-oriented candidate who is ready to apply their skills and insights to our vision of farming as It can be, at its best. In light of the fact that our production methods combine many disciplines and histories, we expect to train all of our new employees.


Position Qualifications:

Previous food production experience is a plus, but not a prerequisite for interview.  More important than specific experience, we seek candidates who are yearning to participate in the world of sustainability and farm-to-table dining. Essential to a strong Bobolink employee is an interest in learning everything about grazing, heirloom grains, and ancient food production methods.


To Apply:

Send an email of interest, describing your goals, interests, and prior experiences to

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