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JAFSCD cover spring 2014, volume 4, issue 3


Good Food Education & Training

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Mapping Food System Infrastructure

NAFSN has benefited from the participation of well over 100 people who volunteered to be on our Working Group. The members have provided input and served as a sounding board during the launch of the association.


Majd Abdulla

Maggi Adamek

Mona Aditya

Eva Agudelo

Rafael Aponte

Sue Balcom

James Barham

Anna Breithaupt

Rob Buchan

Sheila Canavan

Madeline Charney

Craig Chase

Amy Christian

Elizabeth Church

David Coffman

Christine Coker

Valerie Dantoin

Eric DeLuca

Ken Dickerson

Michal Duffy

Jim Embry

Matthew Fisher-Post

John Fisk

Julia Freedgood

Ed Garrett

Gary Matteson

Linda Geggie

Chad Gerencer

Marty Gerencer

Gilbert Gillespie

Ardyth Harris Gillespie

Joanna Green

Gillian Gurish

Janet Hawkes

Duncan Hilchey

Debbie Hillman

Kimberley Hodgson

Roger Horne

Barbara Howard

Kathryn Idzorek

Joanne Burke

Elissa Johnson

Betsy Johnson

Hugh Joseph

Anupama Joshi

Elizabeth Karabinakis

Fred Kirschenmann

Jane Kolodinsky

Lyndsey Langsdale

Tracy Lerman

Caitlin Marquis

Derek Masselink

Bob Maxwell

Leah Mayor

Bethann Merkle

Kathy Metzo

Heather Mikulas

Stacy Miller

Donna Mills

Sheree Moratto

Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman

Mark Muller

Kent Mullinix

Gail Myers

Rob Myers

Kim Niewolny

Jen O'Brien

Jeffrey O'Hara

Timothy Olorunfemi

Anne Palmer

Salem Paulos

Scott Peters

Mari Pierce-Quinonez

Jeff Piestrak

Rich Pirog

Nathanael Proctor

Brian Raison

Chloe Rice

Sarah Rocker

Nathanael Rosenheim

Ricardo Salvador

Ashley Schimke

Gus Schumacher

Ted Spitzer

Shannon Spurlock

Joan Squeri

Maria Van Dyke

Judit Vega

Brent Wasser

Winifred Williams McGee

Darlene Wolnik

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