NOFA Domestic Fair Trade Gathering

We invite you to join us on August 9 in Amherst, Mass for this summer’s fifth annual northeast gathering on domestic fair trade—see first attachment!                                                                                                                                                                            Domestic fair trade movement has historically realized that change and solidarity have to extend beyond one’s sector, seeking out allied organizations and movements. With this construct in mind, we seek your active voice in this year’s fifth consecutive northeast gathering on domestic fair trade.
How does your work & activism shift one singular sector conversation into a broader regional or national fellowship conversation & movement? We want to learn from each other and explore possibilities for further collaboration & networking. Telling your story and listening to others will contribute to an engaged & productive afternoon.
If you are interested in actively participating in this year’s gathering & are prepared to be concise so that we can hear a lot of voices, here is what we request:
We will provide the opportunity for 10 -12 attendees to make presentations describing and emphasizing some of the singular ways your work/your organization expresses its commitment to one/two of the principles of domestic fair trade as enumerated in the DFTA List of Principles (see attached—a Spanish version is available upon request). What synergy of principles particularly resonates in your work; which ones do you view as values and not just as standards offering/providing the unique opportunity to be a catalyst for positive change? Your contributions, so structured, will be of important and singular significance and we are greatly appreciative.
If interested in presenting please share the subject matter, the Principle(s) you will be referencing within the next two weeks! We look forward to your ideas!
When we have a list of presenters we will draw up the afternoon’s agenda & send out a revised invitation / announcement. 
If you have additional questions Louis can also be reached at (413) 625.9048 (a land line, not cell phone number)
A big thank you—and please share as you see fit.

Event Properties

Event Date 8/9/2019
Event End Date 8/9/2019
Individual Price Free