The Real Organic Project Symposium

Real Organic Project Symposium

  • March 2 9AM - 5:30 PM
  • Dartmouth College, Filene Auditorium, Moore Psychology Building
  • 3 Maynard St, Hanover, NH 03755

Calling all farmers and eaters! Enjoy a day of TED-style talks from some of best organic farmers in the country! With the many challenges and opportunities facing organic farmers today, hear passionate speakers from across the fields of farming, policy, science, and activism offer their takeaways and ideas for action. The Real Organic Project is hosting a day-long symposium at Filene Auditorium at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH on March 2nd from 9 am to 5:00 pm. Speakers will include farmers Jean-Paul Courtens, Emily Oakley, Paul Muller of Full Belly Farm, Francis Thicke of Radiance Dairy, Dave Chapman, and many others. Our keynote speakers are Eliot Coleman and author Anne Biklé. Eliot will describe 50 years of organic farming at Four Seasons Farm and why real organic is important to all of us.  Anne will talk about the powerful connection between soil health and human health. Seventeen speakers will describe how they farm and why they are participating in the Real Organic Project.

The Real Organic Project is a way forward to raise the bar for certified organically grown, create an equitable market value for the very best food that farmers grow, and help consumers know what ecological outcomes they are supporting when making increasingly difficult decisions at the grocery store.

At the Symposium we will present our 2018 Pilot Program for our add-on label to USDA certification. We have now inspected and approved 60 Real Organic Project Farms across the country.  This has been a true labor of love, visiting some of the best organic farms in the country and recording the words and fields of these wonderful farmers. 

One thing is clear: Nothing is clear. The world is changing very fast, and no one knows what is going to happen next. CAFOs (large confinement livestock operations)  are getting certified as organic on a massive scale and certified hydros are displacing soil growing in a number of “organic crop” categories such as berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.  

Silence no longer seems like an adequate strategy. The rate and scale of change in our climate, our nutrition, and our food systems are all dizzying. The old strategy of keeping quiet and hoping for the best is not serving us well. Bold moves are called for.

The Dartmouth Symposium will look at what is happening in organic agriculture, and where we are going from here. The Symposium will be a series of TED-style talks from leading farmers and advocates from across the country.


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