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Food Sleuth Radio for June 2017

June 1stJed Fahey, Ph.D., Director of the Cullman Chemoprotection Center at the Johns Hopkins University School of medicine, describes his research on sulforaphane, a health protecting  compound highest in broccoli sprouts.


June 8th: Stacy Malkan, co-founder and co-director of U.S. Right to Know, a non-profit organization working for transparency and accountability in our nation’s food system, exposes food and agriculture “front groups,” helps us navigate industry propaganda, and provides tips for truth-telling.

June 15th: Johanna Mirenda,
Technical Director at OMRI, the Organic Materials Review Institute, describes her work in organic certification, explains “input” materials, including pesticides, and describes what organic certification means for farmers and consumers.

June 22nd: Erin Silva, Ph.D., plant pathologist, University of Wisconsin-Madison, describes research in modern sustainable and organic agriculture, new technologies, farmers’ challenges, and the intersections between soil, plant and human biology.

June 29th: Fred vom Saal, Ph.D., Curators’ Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, University of Missouri and co-editor of “Integrative Environmental Medicine,” describes how contaminants, including pesticide residues, BPA and phthalates, enter our food supply and affect public health within our challenging political and regulatory system.

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