How Climate Change will impact food and agriculture, plus mental and physical health; and strategies for citizen action

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Food Sleuth Radio Guests/Topics for April 2018:
April 5th: Lori Griffin Byron, M.D. , Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and co-leader of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby Health Team, describes how climate change – rising levels of CO2, more severe and unpredictable weather, flooding and drought -- will impact food and agriculture, plus mental and physical health; and strategies for citizen action. 

April 12th: Dana Boyd Barr, Ph.D., Research professor at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, describes how the most widely used insecticide, chlorpyrifos (aka Dursban), damages the neurodevelopment of children, and the political difficulty banning it.!DBBARR
April 19th: Andrew Gunther, Executive Director, A Greener World, discusses food labels and terms, and the negative impact ofindustrial agriculture on farm animals, the environment, and society. 

April 26th: Dave Chapman, organic farmerdiscusses farming practices, protecting the integrity of the organic label, hydroponic vs. soil production, and the “Real Organic Project.” 

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