Farm Bill Webinar

Edible Inquiries: The past, present, and future of Farm Bill politics

The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future Food Policy Networks project is pleased to announce the second edition of its quarterly webinar series, “Edible Inquiries: Food Policy Research Connections.” Each quarter, we will invite researchers who have explored topics relevant for food policy groups to present their key findings for discussion with participants about the impact on food policy groups and additional research needs. This series is part of our broader efforts to cohesively connect researchers and food policy councils, with the aim of fostering research on food policy groups that is relevant, proactive, and responsive. 

Join us for this discussion about the politics of the Farm Bill. Two political scientists who have studied the history and interests that gave rise to and sustained the Farm Bill over the decades will explore how growing partisanship, geographical differences, and ideological positions could influence the current and future Farm Bill renegotiation processes. We are sure that even the savviest food policy advocates will be sure to learn something from their insightful and interesting perspectives. Given the interactive nature of this webinar series, we encourage participants to join live.

Featured speakers: 

Christopher Bosso, Professor of Public Policy at Northeastern University and author of Framing the Farm Bill: Interests, Ideology, and the Agricultural Act of 2014.

Adam Sheingate, Professor and Chair of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. He co-authored an article about Post-exceptionalism and corporate interests in US agricultural policy, and has explored the emergence of food policy councils in presentations on The new politics of food in the United States.

Discussion moderated by: 

Mark Winne, Senior Advisor to Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and author of Closing the Food Gap and Stand Together or Starve Alone

Event Properties

Event Date 6/27/2018 1:00 pm ET
Individual Price Free
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