Food Access and COVID-19: A Food Policy Council’s Perspective

During the “Food Access & COVID-19: A Food Policy Council's Perspective” webinar the Adams County Food Policy Council, one of the first food policy councils established in Pennsylvania, will lay out the reality of rural food access in South-Central Pennsylvania, address its specific challenges during COVID-19, and the possibilities that can come from a closer-knit community built around food and farm policy. There will be time set aside at the end for Q&A and discussion.

Everyone involved with food policy councils already, and anyone looking to improve food access, nutrition, and community and economic development at the local level, is invited to join.

The webinar is free for all participants. To learn more or to register for the January 19th webinar, visit Food Access & COVID-19: A Food Policy Council's Perspective ( or call 1-877-345-0691. You will receive instructions for accessing the webinar after registration. If you prefer to participate by phone rather than a computer, those instructions will be included.

Press release and promo photo attached.  For more information, please contact Jay Eury, 717-398-3849,


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Event Date 1/19/2021 8:00 am ET
Individual Price Free