Remaking the Broken Food Supply Chain

Get Healthy Philly (GHP) believes that all people should live to their fullest potential in environments that allow them to grow and thrive, and that progress only happens when we treat all people with dignity, care, and respect. As part of its efforts, GHP works toward creating a healthy, sustainable, and fair local food system, or what we call a good food economy. But we know a good food economy cannot exist in a racist system. To realize the health of individuals, the environment, and the economy, we have to dismantle systems of oppression that directly and covertly undermine the health and humanity of people of color, particularly white supremacy’s erosion of the health and self-determination of Black people.

What does it take to build a good food system for all? GHP is going to ask around. In partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Division of Cultural and Civic Engagement, GHP will present 6 conversations between good food leaders around the country and local good food advocates. These inter-city digital dialogues will showcase progress in developing a good food economy through anti-racist strategies, and inspire all of us to envision and work toward an equitable food system.

October 13

Remaking the Broken Food Supply Chain

COVID-19 created major disruptions in the food supply chain that exacerbated inequitable access to food. Rather than wait to be helped, BIPOC communities took matters into their own hands, remaking the food supply chain to serve their neighbors. This conversation will focus on the immediate actions to support those least regarded in the food supply chain, and visions for community ownership of food resources in the future. Our featured speakers will be Aziza Young of Everybody Eats and A-dae Briones of First Nations Development Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Event Date 10/13/2020 5:30 pm ET
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