Ways for Farm Incubators to Support Co-op Development



In this webinar, Luis Sierra, Assistant Director for CCCD, will take us a step deeper in understanding how incubator farms can support cooperative development. Luis will respond to questions from Part I by reviewing the ways that Farm Educators and Incubators can support their clients/constituencies’ efforts to grow or market as a cooperative. We’ll look at the issues that incubators need to be aware of when they decide to support a group’s interest in starting a cooperative and strategic choices of how to provide the support. We’ll review and describe how agricultural cooperatives started through a partnership between growers and non-profit organization, examine participant assumptions about cooperatives and cooperation, and how this impacts coop development process, what the essentials are of what participants should learn about cooperatives, what a cooperative development timeline looks like, and how to find and work with a Cooperative Development Specialist.

Event Properties

Event Date 3/9/2018 1:00 pm ET
Cut off date 3/15/2018
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