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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
12:00 am ET

International Workshop on Agritourism

The 2020 International Workshop on Agritourism (IWA) will be held October 27-29 at the Hilton Burlington Hotel in downtown Burlington, Vermont, USA. The University of Vermont Extension local host committee is working on developing an exciting program for participants that will include educational sessions on pertinent industry topics, poster presentations, hands-on workshops and farm tours, networking events, and time with our exhibitors and sponsors. We invite you to extend your trip on either end of the Workshop to explore the bountiful farms, culinary experiences, arts, and other attractions in Vermont and surrounding states and provinces. Mark your calendar and make plans now to attend! 


Farmers, researchers, agricultural service providers, tourism experts, and others interested in agritourism are invited to share their knowledge and experience.


We need your support! This workshop will bring together agriculture and tourism industry professionals from around the United States and beyond. Show your support for agriculture and its many cultural, economic, and environmental benefits by partnering with us as a sponsor of the 2020 event. Learn more about how you can get involved
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3:00 pm ET

Farm-scale fire preparedness

We are in the throes of a devastating year for fire in California, as well as much of the western United States. Yet fire need not be a universally maligned force. For millennia, California’s indigenous peoples used fire as a tool in practices of traditional burning. Fire can be used as a tool to eradicate invasive weeds, help restore native plant communities, and reduce the intensity of wildfires when they occur. Landowners and communities are increasingly recognizing this, and coming together to share tools, resources, knowledge, and labor. And federal agencies are turning to Native communities for consult on the use of fire in land management practices. This webinar will explore both “good” fire, as well as approaches for recovery. We’ll hear perspectives from members of prescribed burn associations on the application of prescribed burning on private land, farmers dealing with fire-borne toxins and utilizing mycoremediation to aid in recovery, and Native Californians on fire ecology and their long-standing relationship with using fire to tend to the land.


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