USFSA's Regional Assembly

Conference Topic: Building a Common Pathway Towards Food Sovereignty


From April to August of 2018, the US Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA) is organizing four regional assemblies to discuss a national agenda for food sovereignty in the United States. The Northeast Regional Assembly will be held in Amherst, MA from August 9th thru 10th.



The main goals of the regional assemblies are:


-Mobilize members and local allies to analyze the current political context for food sovereignty and right to food in the US and discuss the role of the USFSA to advance a people’s agenda for food sovereignty and climate justice in preparation to the IV National Assembly (Bellingham, WA - October 12th thru 15th). The regional assemblies and national assemblies are open spaces for grassroots organizations, scholars, and other allies interested in being part of the process.


-Create opportunities for political education and relationship building among members and allies. Building a shared analysis and strengthening strategic relationships are two critical tasks towards building power. The regional assemblies will provide the opportunity to study and reflect together about the current political/economic context for food sovereignty and the right to food in the US and globally.


-Mobilize and prepare members and allies for the national assembly. By making the regional assemblies a bottom-up democratic process, the USFSA wants to inspire and reenergize grassroots organizations and individuals into a coordinated action.


-Build for the long run. The regional and national assemblies are not one-time events, but a part of a long term process of building power and collective action.



Why is this process important?


More than ever, we live in a political moment that demands intentionality and commitment to hold space for frontline organizations, ally scholars, and faith based communities to voice their opinions. Since 2015, more than 500,000 people were cut from the food stamps program. Four of the six largest agribusiness corporations have merged, further consolidating the decision making and access to resources in fewer hands. A number of farmers have lost their land and migrant farmworkers are under constant stress because of draconian immigration laws. GMO labeling campaigns were defeated by powerful lobbies, proving that the correlation of forces between international corporations and farmers/consumers lean towards the former.



In order to achieve food sovereignty, the USFSA and its allies are committed to build a common pathway to mobilize people in larger numbers to build a common agenda and to create the conditions for stronger grassroots efforts led by farmers, farmworkers, food chain workers, fisherfolk and consumers at local and national levels.



We hope that the regional assemblies will help us articulate this collective vision and will bring hundreds of people to the national assembly, paving the way for stronger political action in the US.



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Event Date 8/9/2018
Event End Date 8/10/2018
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