Organic Farmers Protest

Those of us farming organically today did not invent the concept of organic agriculture. It is a gift from 100 years of development by wise people who farmed before us. We are the beneficiaries of the intuition, experimentation, and dedicated efforts of our predecessors who were concerned with the detrimental effects on food quality caused by industrial methods. They developed the art and science of organic farming because they understood that proper nourishment of human beings only results from proper nourishment of the soil. Organic farming is best defined by the benefits of growing crops on a biologically active fertile soil. Crop resistance to pests and diseases is an outcome of farming a soil that fully nourishes the crops.
The importance of fertile soil as the cornerstone of organic farming is under threat. The USDA is allowing soil-less hydroponic vegetables to be sold as certified organic without saying a word about it. Just when today’s agronomists and nutritionists are finally becoming aware of the crucial influence of soil quality on food quality, the USDA is trying to unilaterally dismiss that connection by removing soil fertility from the National Organic Program definition of organic. The encouragement of “pseudo-organic” hydroponics is just the latest in a long line of USDA attempts to subvert the non-chemical promise that organic farming has always represented. Without soil, there is no organic farming. The USDA is defrauding customers who expect certified organic crops to be grown on optimally fertile soil as they always have been.
I believe it is our duty as organic farmers to defend the integrity of what has been handed down to us by our forebears. The protection of that heritage is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. The importance of optimal soil fertility as the bedrock of organic farming has to be transmitted accurately to future generations, so they can continue this effort.
Since the USDA refuses to stop this hydroponic/organic fraud, I am asking all serious organic farmers to take effective action themselves. A large group of hard-core old-time organic farmers is staging a protest at the NOSB meeting in Jacksonville, FL at noon on October 31st. I am going to be there and I hope you will join us.
It is very important that the NOSB (National Organic Standards Board) hear from all of us prior to their historic vote on banning hydroponics at Jacksonville. Please submit a written comment to the NOSB by going to:
Then click on the blue "Comment Now" button in the upper right corner. Write your comments concerning soil and hydroponics to the USDA.
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