NAFSN Launches New Website

The term "network" is as ubiquitous as mixed baby greens at a farmers market in May, and yet as elusive - and as needed and welcome - as rain in July. How do you explain the making of networks? How do they come together and grow? 

At NAFSN, we are determined to invest in networks that function in tangible, measurable ways for the benefit of people working to strengthen their own community food systems. Did you enroll in an academic program that meets your needs? Did you find research to support the grant proposal you were writing? Did that webinar inspire you to act? Did you connect with that innovator you were hoping to meet? Did you get that job?

NAFSN launches this new website to lean into its role as a professional association FOR food systems folks BY food systems folks. For now, it's simply a framework, ready for its members to breathes life into its countless possibilities.

When you join NAFSN this year, we will offer an informal phone call with a member of our Leadership Circle. It's a chance for us to meet you as a individual committed to this work. Take us up on the offer! 

Let's welcome each other like rain in July.

Natalie Cruz & Kim Hines, Leadership Co-Chairs, NAFSN