Discount Code for EcoGather Courses

Sterling College is now offering NAFSN members a 10% discount for EcoGather courses.

"EcoGather" is a collaborative learning network dedicated to the vitality of ecosystems, communities, and economies. They currently offer 13 courses with plans to offer 11 more soon. Some are self-paced, others are synchronous, and all are online. EcoGather brings remote learning to life by grounding its offerings in community-centered design, place-based pedagogy, and experiential application. EcoGather strives to prepare learners at all stages of life to undertake or deepen active changemaking and caretaking work.

Affordability and accessibility are central to EcoGather's mission. They offer classes that typically range from $150 to $450, with equitable pricing scales. Read more here.

Request discount code.

NAFSN is honored to promote this opportunity with this member institution.