ACRE Facilitation Graduates

Congratulations to the cohort of 15 food systems professionals who completed the ACRE Facilitation course during Summer 2023. We are honored to add them to the ACRE Community of Practice, with whom you can connect here.

AgriCluster Resilience and Expansion - or ACRE for short - is a professionally-facilitated strategic planning process to help groups of farmers, especially those in value-chains, work together and compete more effectively. By identifying shared concerns, shared histories, shared values, shared opportunities, and developing a strategic work plan, ACRE helps local and regional groups of farmers and their stakeholder allies - including fisheries, mariculture, agroforestry and timber production, food handlers, food processors and packagers, distributors, and retailers, as well as nonprofit and municipal allies - begin to transform into more resilient "AgriClusters."

We are currently enrolling a Fall 2023 cohort for this 18-part coursework, offered free to NAFSN members this year. To register, please contact Kim Hines.