CARAT Pilot 2024, Application Released

It is our pleasure to release this outline of the CARAT Pilot 2024, which includes the application.

NAFSN will work with the Food and Agrarian Systems group at Indiana University to provide monthly guidance (at no cost) to CARAT facilitation leaders in six communities from throughout the US that show readiness for conducting a CARAT audit this year. Details can be found in the outline, along with the application, which is due no later than Feb 29, 2024.

We encourage you to sign up for our next CARAT Information Session on Mon, Feb 12, at 12pm ET, were we will go over the details of the CARAT Pilot and answer questions. At this meeting, we will also provide information for using the new online version of CARAT.

Feel free to send your questions and suggestions to Kim Hines. 
Be well!