Our CARAT Pilot 2024 Cohorts

NAFSN is honored to work alongside these 12 lead organizations as they pilot the CARAT tool in their communities in 2024.

* Hilltown Community Development > Hilltop Towns of Western MA
* Frederick County Food Council > Frederick County MD
* Farmers of Color Land Trust > Hudson Valley NY
* The County of Santa Clara > Santa Clara County CA
* Urban Seeds > Southwest IN
* Erie County Department of Health > Erie County PA
* Homegrown Hillsborough > Hillsborough County FL
* New Jersey Food Democracy Collaborative > Atlantic County NJ
* Marion Institute Southcoast Food Policy Council > South Coast MA
* A Better Chance A Better Community > Northeastern NC
* Washington Gleaning Network > WA
* Iowa Food System Coalition > Southeast IA

The Community & Agriculture Resilience Audit Tool (CARAT) helps community stakeholders assess how they currently utilize the assets of their local food system to achieve a substantial level of community resilience. CARAT is free and open-access, available for any community seeking to produce a practical, baseline assessment from which to identify priorities and monitor improvements over time. 

CARAT development was led by NAFSN member Debra Tropp; the CARAT Pilot 2024 is being led by NAFNS member Jodee Smith of the Food and Agrarian Systems group at Indiana University. CARAT is hosted by the North American Food Systems Network.

Learn more about CARAT here: https://carattool.org/

Better yet, sign up for a free CARAT Information Session. 
The next one is June 13!