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Posted On: Thursday, 21st December 2017
Category: Administrative
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Location has not launched
Job Type:
Part Time

Job Description:

About the LoK
The League of Kitchens is a unique cooking school in New York City where immigrants teach intimate cooking workshops in their homes, and participants encounter a new culture, cuisine, and neighborhood with every experience.
We opened in 2014, currently have 10 instructors from all over the world, and have taught thousands of students from the U.S. and abroad. We’re very excited to now be laying the groundwork to launch a Los Angeles branch in the fall of 2018.
This participatory learning / cooking / eating / sharing experience starts with an interactive cooking lesson and leads into a celebratory dinner. Each experience offers opportunities for meaningful connection and social interaction, cultural engagement and exchange, culinary learning and discovery, and exceptional eating and drinking. Through this experience, we seek to build cross-cultural connection and understanding, and to increase access to traditional cooking knowledge.
The League of Kitchens has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Chew, Tasting Table, Saveur, The Splendid Table, and Time Out New York, among others. Conde Nast Traveler called the League of Kitchens “quite possibly the coolest foodie thing to do in NYC whether you're a visitor or local.”
About the Position
We’re looking for a smart, big-hearted, self-directed, hard-working, and passionate individual to help us launch in Los Angeles and to manage day-to-day operations after launch.
Before launch, the LA Manager will help us find, train, and onboard 3-4 instructors, help organize one or more launch events, help set up the website, and help create new materials for our LA classes.  After (and right before) launch, the LA Manager will manage daily operations, and oversee communications with instructors, workshop participants, partner organizations, potential instructors, and the general public.  As needed, they will also help to find and train additional instructors.
We promise that you’ll have lots of opportunities to learn and grow, to meet amazing people, to build your network, to cook/eat incredible food, and to contribute in meaningful and substantive ways.  
And as this is a very small operation, you will also be able to shape this role to your interests and to get involved in any other areas of the business that interest you.
You’ll work with us remotely, but the NYC team will come to LA to help train new instructors and for the launch events. We will also be there from January 8-23rd to find new instructors and to meet with potential partners (and hopefully, we’ll either be able to interview LA Manager candidates, or, meet with our newly hired LA Manager).  In addition, we will fly you out to NYC for 4-5 days to meet with us in person and to take two of our NYC cooking workshops.
  • Lead outreach efforts to build partnerships with community organizations to help recruit new instructors. Maintain and expand current partnerships.
  • Plan, coordinate, and participate in information sessions and in-home cooking auditions to meet and interview interested candidates.
  • Coordinate and assist with the training of newly hired instructors. Assist with coaching new instructors and helping them grow as teachers and facilitators.
  • Create new materials for each new instructor and class.
  • Maintain ongoing communications with instructors and ensure that they have everything they need to teach their workshops. Create monthly instructor invoices and manage receipt reimbursement.
  • Manage logistics for public events and collaborations and for video/tv shoots.
  • Lead outreach efforts to build partnerships with other organizations and companies in order to attract more students. Maintain and expand current partnerships.
  • Participate in community and partner events and publicly represent the League of Kitchens.
  • Serve as the primary staff member responsible for customer service and for daily operations, including scheduling workshops, ordering and distributing workshop supplies, managing the registration process, organizing private workshops, and managing the LA email inbox.
  • Solicit survey feedback from workshop participants, monitor and analyze results, and share feedback with other staff and instructors.
  • You’re a master at juggling multiple tasks, wearing multiple hats, and keeping track of all the tiny details. 
  • You’re super organized--your lists have lists and your email box is immaculate. You’re great at prioritizing and organizing your workflow.
  • You have a strong track record in admin, operations, logistics, or all of the above.
  • You’re dependable and thorough, and you go the extra mile with everything. You’re always trying to find ways to improve your work and your process.
  • You’re self-directed and self-motivated.  You’re as happy working on your own as you are collaborating with others.  
  • You’re flexible and adaptive and have a great sense of humor. You’re comfortable with change and flux.
  • You enjoy both big picture strategic thinking and the nitty gritty details of execution. You can comfortably participate in a high-powered panel discussion and run a partnership development meeting, but you’re equally happy to put up posters and to deliver supplies to instructors across LA.
  • In general, you’re great with people.  You connect easily with people from different backgrounds and cultures. You’re sensitive to complex and subtle social and cultural dynamics.  You’re great at building and maintaining relationships.  
  • You can talk with anyone and you love talking with everyone.  You’re clear and articulate when you speak, and you’re great on the phone.
  • You have excellent written and verbal skills.  You know how to shape your writing to fit the platform and the audience.
  • You’re warm, energetic, and enthusiastic, and you’re always polite and professional in your interactions.
  • You have experience working with people and communities from different backgrounds and cultures, ideally non-native English speakers.
  • You’re excited about using food and cooking as a way to build cross-cultural connection and understanding, and you’re passionate about promoting the contributions that immigrants make to our culture and society. You’re an omniverous and adventurous eater. You’re excited to try everything.
  • You have a great sense of the food scene in Los Angeles and/or the landscape of immigrant communities and organizations in the city.  A strong and wide-ranging personal network is a plus.
  • Professional culinary experience or teaching experience (or culinary teaching experience) are all pluses.
~20 hours/week (Some weeks will be more, some weeks will be less)
Must have some availability during business hours, during evenings, and on weekends.  (This availability can change from week to week.) Must be available for skype calls with the NYC team at 7am PST/10am EST.  
 We’re looking for a commitment of a minimum of one year. 
$1200/month (on payroll as a part-time employee). After launch, compensation will go up to $1600/month. Plus, two weeks paid vacation. We will also cover the cost of attending food related conferences, talks, parties, etc. in LA to help us spread the word, and we will fly you out to NYC and put you up for 4-5 days.
To Apply
Please send a cover letter, a resume, and a writing sample (or a link to a writing portfolio/blog) to Lisa Gross, League of Kitchens Founder/CEO, at
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