Food Sleuth Radio show guest line up for September

Food Sleuth Radio is produced at KOPN studios in Columbia, MO, where it airs on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. Central at; it airs nationally via public/community radio stations the week following air dates listed below.  Archived interviews are available on Public Radio Exchange, and as podcasts via  and iTunes. Each interview is 30 minutes, and includes links for more info/resources.



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September Interviews:
September 7th: Jim Riddle, 
MN-based certified organic farmer and internationally respected expert on organic farming systems and standards, policy and advocacy will discuss highlights from his career and keynote presentation at the Beyond Pesticides’ annual Forum, titled: “Make America Organic Again.” 


September 14th: Abby Youngblood, Executive Director, National Organic Coalition, describes the increasing consumer demand for organic food, the rigors of organic production, and policy challenges to maintain the integrity of the organic label.



September 21st: Laura Shapiro, culinary historian, James Beard award-winning food writer, and author of What She Ate: Six Remarkable Women & the Food that Tells their Stories, describes highlights from her research into the peculiar eating and cooking habits of famous women, from Cosmopolitan’s Helen Gurley Brown to Hitler’s partner, Eva Braun.



September 28th:  Nathan Donley, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Center for Biological Diversity, explains findings from his report on our flawed pesticide regulatory system, “Toxic Concoctions: How the EPA ignores the dangers of pesticide cocktails.”



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